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I have created a series of vintage bicycles with a different background. At first, I didn’t use any background because I wanted the bicycles to be transparent on t-shirts and other clothing. When I returned to the design a few days later I felt something was missing. I looked for backgrounds and decided for a vintage city background which I believe perfected the look. Then why not Paris, London or New York as city backgrounds? Paris and London yes indeed, I might get back to New York later.

My next dilemma was, should the design be black and white with a splash of colour, a coloured background, or no backgrounds at all? I’ll let you be the judge, because I made all three variations.

Take a look at my collection “Vintage Bicycle Collection”. Although the link takes you to Art Prints only you can scroll down and check for what else the design is available at – T-shirts, hoodies, wall clocks, stationary, shower curtain, throw pillows etc.


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